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  1. I missed working in simple cells, so this happened. There’s not enough fanart of Princess Mercury.

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  2. my skin tore off

    like fire burning paper

    ash in an instant

    blowing in the wind

    I was burning from the inside out

    charcoal bones lilting endlessly

    I am the fire

    and this body cannot contain me

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  3. adovelin:

    I forgot to post this. Did a spot comic for Tin House late April and it recently got posted. Not my known style, I’m going to try working lines and flats more.

    Tin House had to post it as a single image, but you guys get to see it closer to the real comic. Printed, each panel is its own card that you lay out to make the comic.

    ‡     Alexxander Dovelin

    Actually I lied: this is the only complete written commission I’ve posted here, my comic card deck.


  4. sinribbon asked: I'm curious, too, about your books. Do you self-publish them? Are they for personal projects, commissions? Do you sell them at conventions/shops or just make them for yourself?

    Short answer: Yes to all of these.

    More complicated:

    My blog is a mix of personal and commissions — though I’ve never been commissioned a complete written work before, just parts.

    I do physically produce some books to sell in limited editions (15-25) because they’re handmade. These are designed to be physically engaging; Tough's greatest appeal to people was its thin vellum pages that perfectly overlaid the morphing face. I sell books through a combo of my online shop (closed til I find a more reliable shipper), local zine stores, some cons, and online requests. 

    Much of my stories are designed for the web though, because it has the widest access. My thesis essay, Without Roses, lives entirely online, and has a responsive layout that can be read from a smartphone. Personal works like Pieces and Void I plan to collect into an app as I continue the series. I think that’s where my self-publishing future lies, really, is in apps. 

    Apps can be published without an ISBN and, most importantly, can be updated.** An app’s flexible pricing can allow you to have a free app, with options to pay for additional content, or even just a donation. I’d like to be able to curate a series that is released monthly, so this idea is really appealing. There’s also pre-made app platforms creators can use, like Narr8, that I’ve seen a lot of great work come from. But this is just the dream I’m working towards.

    **This is important because at the moment iBooks does not have a subscription service, and requires self-publishers to buy an ISBN. (That’s a whole other story of grief.) 


  5. Sometimes things just happen

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  7. sinribbon asked: So I found your art today, and I'm in love. It's such a beautiful harmony of the morbid with tender fragility. Your writing is also very inspiration to me. Glad I stumbled upon you.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Honestly I’m surprised when anyone reads the writing… And you even got the feeling I wanted too. I’m so happy you enjoyed it!


  8. My sailor moon fanart got tagged as NSFW

    And I’m just noting there’s some weird irony I have with that.

    My whole childhood I spent defending that damn transformation sequence. Like, oh no, we have a nude silhouette. Every single person I remember talking to as a kid called it pornographic. As if they couldn’t envision a woman body could be nude for any other damn reason than porn.

    I know a lot of other people grew up defending the anime scene as not-porn… Now I realize we were specifically trying to keep people from turning it into that, inverting it into something erotic. The actual material wasn’t the problem, just how others were looking at it… I was in 3rd grade, trying to tell people there was nothing wrong with her damn body. There still isn’t anything wrong with it.

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  10. In order to fund new short stories, I now have a Patreon account.

    I will still be posting works online, but without support, my ability to creates these works is extremely limited. Patreon allows a simple $1 to support their creation and collect them in a place where I can directly interact with you. 

    I really appreciate any support you can offer. Even if you can’t support financially, reblogs will also be a signal boost. Thank you! 

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  13. jisuk:

    The Fishbones Kickstarter has been launched!

    Fishbones was a labor of love. It was only with the support of friends and followers that it managed to be completed and every one of you has my deepest gratitude. Printing the book itself is the last step in this project and I hope that you will be as excited to hold it in your hands as I am.

    Any reblogs or support will be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

    I was lucky enough to make the cover for Jisuk’s Fishbones! The book is beautiful, Jisuk’s put such love and care into this story. Definitely check out her kickstarter!


  14. "Throne"

    edit: removed bg. because I’m a promise breaker.

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  15. All I ask for in friendship is you care about my OCs